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written by G. Johnson | illustrated by Yifan Luo

Meet Seacoo — an adorable panda bear cub with a passion for reading!

Seacoo's parents are the only other animals he knows that can read, but his mother is always busy and story time doesn't happen as often anymore. When a saddened Seacoo meets Coco, a beautiful red panda who shares his love of reading, he gains not only a new friend, but also a lesson about the power of forgiveness and the beauty of change.

ISBN: 978-0-578-13722-3
Format: Hardcover
Price: $16.99

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Knew Books Publishing

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"This is a beautifully illustrated book about a panda cub named Seacoo and his new friend Coco. He loves to read and loves spending time with his parents. During his journey, he learns and teaches readers a valuable lesson about friendship and parenting, and reminds parents what is most important. I love that this book is not only geared towards children but for the parents as well. It made me reflect on my own parenting practices and helped to empathize with a child's point of view."

"A sweet story that reminds you that sometimes you just have to be there when they ask you to be there. My children love the illustrations. We hope it becomes a series because he's a cute little fellow to follow." ~Dallas~

"Love, love, love....this book is for all ages!"

"Such an amazing read with valuable lessons for children as well as adults!! Great story...unlike any other children books. I ordered two copies; one for my nieces and nephew and the other as a gift!! I'm thoroughly impressed with this new book and looking forward to the succeeding editions...."